Bred in Phoenix and representing the Southwest, Terrorist Angel Babies (From Neptune) aka Dee Jay eM, Pinnacle and Othawords are a group of versatile artists who, in the last year, have become heavily acclaimed among Arizona’s hip hop scene.

The group’s latest project includes tracks ‘One Time for the Angel Babies’, ‘Wrong Side’, ‘On This Day’, and ‘Time Off’, produced by Jeffrey Robens, long-time metal producer, engineer, and vocalist.

As a huge fan of the group and follower of its individual artists for the last two years, I’m very proud of the quality of work these guys put out.

Listen to their music here:

The foursome craft devilish, adrenaline-driven, and at times, “symphonic” music and pair it beautifully with profane and unapologetic lyrics. It’s a formidable sound…it stings the eardrums. In a good way.

TABFN perform at clubs, venues and will be widely sought-after at the 2nd Annual AZ Hip Hop Festival this coming November.

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